Minister Plakiotakis: Greece saves lives that others put in danger in the Aegean


In recent days, the criminal activity of traffickers who are indifferent to human life has intensified, stacking dozens of distressed people without life jackets in boats that do not even meet the basic safety standards.

The Greek Coast Guard, with the assistance of the Air Force, the Navy and private boats, has rescued more than 160 people in the last three days.

I express my deepest sorrow for the loss of those who lost their lives, victims of ruthless murderers who are left to act uncontrollable in Turkey.

Greece will continue to save lives that others put in danger in the Aegean and in the eastern Mediterranean. In total in 2021, more than 1.450 Search and Rescue operations have been carried out and more than 29.000 people have been rescued.

The condemnation of the traffickers, but also of those who allow their actions, is imperative and self-evident and in this direction and we expect the additional mobilization of the international community.

Turkey traffickers Minister Plakiotakis Plakiotakis

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